Print Types


Screen printed apparel is a process where ink is laid on to the garment in layers. 1 – 6 colors can be achieved.

Be mindful as too many colors can get heavy  on some materials.

Tees start at $8.50 Each color thereafter is $1.50 per color, per side. Price drops are every 24 qty. Please email or call for quotes, so you fully understand the process.

Everything starts with design. Designs must be in a VEC/EPS format. JPEGS & PNG files are not proper formats.

This is where much of the confusion comes in to play. In order to create a screen, I must be able to separate every color from the design and turn them into vector dots.

JPEG, PDF, PNG and GIF files are not in this category. Vector design is the only way to accomplish this. Without the proper files, I need to redraw the entire design.

This could take hours and time is money. $15 per hour for design to make your files printable. Please understand design is not a quick process.

DTG printing is for custom designs. Single prints on white or dark garments. More forgiving than screen printing

because it accepts all the file formats that screen printing can not.  When your design requires too many colors

for screen printing ( in low quantities) this is the best option. No setup fees. No design fees ( in most cases)